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General informations
Topics of the EVTM conference
  • Current concept of trauma care
  • Endovascular control of different bleeders in trauma and non-trauma
  • Open, endovascular and hybrid techniques in trauma and bleeding
  • Vascular injuries in civilian and military settings
  • Pelvic bleeding: open and endovascular control
  • REBOA and vascular access
  • Ultrasound and CT in trauma and bleeding management
  • Endovascular techniques for trauma and non-trauma cardiac arrest
  • Multidisciplinary EVTM approach
  • Some aspects of EVTM training
Types of studies
  • Clinical research
  • Experimental research
  • Case or series of cases
Abstract submission
  • Abstracts can be submitted for oral presentation.
  • The decision to include a presented abstract in the scientific program is made by the Organizing Committee.
  • A corresponding author of the abstract chosen for presentation will be notified by email as late as by April, 15 2019.
  • A final decision related to format of presentation (oral/poster) is made by the Organizing Committee.
  • A corresponding author has to guarantee that one of the authors will personally be presenting materials of the abstract during the conference in St.Petersburg.
  • All accepted abstracts will be published in Supplement to the Journal of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (RUS).
  • The registration fee for the corresponding author who is presenting the materials by a full oral presentation is free of charge.
Guidelines for abstracts
Abstract is submitted online only via our website.
Abstract submission deadline is March 15, 2019.
During abstract submission, a corresponding author guarantees that someone from the author list will present materials during the meeting (either orally or by poster).
The author of an abstract accepted for oral or poster presentations has to register as late as by April 15, 2019. In case of rejection, the abstract will be removed from the program.
Abstracts should not be previously published
A clinical (experimental) abstract has to contain: aim of the study;
  • materials and methods;
  • results;
  • conclusion;
  • references (if required).
A case/case series abstract has to contain:
  • aim of the case presentation;
  • mechanism/cause of injury/illness;
  • primary survey and diagnosis;
  • treatment;
  • outcome and complications;
  • conclusion.
Literature reviews are not allowed.
Abbreviations must be explained in brackets where they are used for the first time.
The text cannot contain:
  • tables,
  • charts,
  • figures.
The number of characters has not to exceed 3000, including spaces.
Notification about abstract acceptance will be sent to a corresponding author by Apri 15, 2019.
By submitting abstracts, you confirm your consent to their publication in the Journal of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (RUS)

Requirements for presentations
Oral presentations
  1. Duration of your report is indicated in the program. There will be a timer clearly seen on a monitor, and the presentation will be shut down on the designated time shown.
  2. The only appropriate file format for presentation is MS Power Point
  3. Please, do not forget to load you presentation and check it in the speaker center less than 1 hour before your talk.
  4. The authors of the abstracts chosen for oral/poster presentations will be notified personally by April, 15.
Poster presentation
  1. A poster report should be submitted in the form of a printed poster with dimensions of 130x90 cm.
  2. A poster has to be mounted on a desk by 8 30 am. Double-sided tape will be given to you at the reception.
  3. The number of the poster will be announced when the organizing committee decides to include a poster in the conference program.
Follow the link to look at a sample of the poster.
December 15, 2018

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