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Dear colleagues!
Bleeding is a number one killer in the world. People die from trauma and bleeding before reaching a hospital, on the operating table, in the ICU. Medicine and surgery have been struggling with bleeding for centuries.

Today, trauma is the leading cause of deaths for people less than 44, and the main cause of morbidity among young people. A concept of EVTM and a wide use of endovascular techniques in surgery and internal medicine resulted in a paradigm shift. Trauma surgery is not an exception here.

During the last decade, an amount of endovascular procedures in trauma is increasing around the world. EVTM is widely used for blunt traumatic aortic injuries, non-operative management for splenic and liver trauma, severe pelvic bleeding, arterial injuries in difficult-to-approach areas, non-traumatic (rAAA, GI, On&gyn, urology) bleeders, cardiac arrest and many others.

Early vascular access, REBOA, hybrid emergency rooms and mobile C-arms, prehospital interventions including ECPR are changing the face of trauma these days, and a new era of trauma surgery is about to begin.

In Russia, contrariwise, a number of such procedures per year remains critically minimal.

This conference aims at to fill the gap in treatment of severe exsanguinating patients as long as endovascular surgery has already come to trauma and bleeding management. This conference is for general and vascular surgeons, for trauma surgeons, intensivists, emergency physicians, Ob&gynecologists and many others to set the endovascular set of mind, to open the ways for collaboration with endovascular specialists. On the other hand, this meeting is for endovascular surgeons who have to know current approaches in trauma and bleeding management, to realize in which areas their help can not be overestimated.

The motto of this conference is «Collaborating. Saving lives». Being created at the junction of different specialties, EVTM embraces out not only endovascular techniques, it is much wider and deeper. Collaboration, team building, common sense, advanced technologies and intention to help are the keys to success to save as many lives as possible

With best regards,
Organizing Committee of the EVTM conference